I see people complain over and over again about Farmville, Zynga Poker, Calendars, Texas Hold'em Pokers blah-z-blah.. By the way annoying Farmville has a version 2 now! So  yes, expect more virtual farmers pile you with those annoying requests (>.<).

But hold up! There's a way to block those requests. The process might be tedious for some but trust me, it is well worth it. I go weeks and weeks with litter free notifications.  And once you block an app, you are done with it forever and a day.. well.. until Facebook decides to change its layout/settings again then you are temporarily screwed. But meanwhile, join me in cyber utopia, where notifications come from real people. :-) . When you receive a game/app request, follow the steps below (sequentially of course).

1.     Click on the request itself.
2.     Click on View App Center.
3.     Find Block on the bottom right corner and click it.
4.     You will see "  [Insert App Name]Blocking [Insert App Name] will prevent others from sending you invitations and requests for   
      this app and will prevent this app from getting any info about you. This will also prevent you from seeing [Insert App Name] 
      if other people have it installed."
5.   Yes! Click Confirm!!
6.   You are done. You might live to never see another request from that app again.

Use the comment section below to tell me if it worked for you! Also shoot me any questions and let me know what's annoying you on the web let's get it out of the way.....Waiting.... {*_*}