age defying face mask

My African Grandma would say "We are all different, just like the 5 fingers". Each individual is wired uniquely but one undeniable shared characteristic is that we all want to look good!
Capitalism and media ubiquity have made looking good expensive and a hard decisions because of the array of available products with each one claiming to be the best for you. They fill their products up with unpronounceable ingredients and pay for expensive A-List celebrity endorsements backed up with claims that it is the all-natural product you have been dying for or the latest miracle breakthrough from the lab. In the last few years, I have decided that with all the unknown and incurable ailments in existence, I would rather pass on the risk of putting my body in harm's way and avoid succumbing to clever marketing.

These advertised beauty products are pocket loving suckers. With times being hard right now, and getting harder and harder for some of us, we have to painfully make a choice between eating what's healthy and using what's healthy on our skin. The beautiful secret (shhh!) I'm about to share is that you do not have to make that agonizing decision anymore! You can use stuff on your grocery list or stuff you don't need anymore to make yourself look great! Frugal folks like me will greatly appreciate what I'm about to share!

Okay, now let's get to the point. Today I am going to share my perfectly natural homemade age defying face mask that would keep all your pores clean, oil free and tightened!

We all love eggs! Or at least most of us do. Eggs are rich in protein and protein in used to nourish both your body and your skin!
Every Saturday, when I make omelettes at home, I leave a little bit of egg white in each egg shell. So when I',m done eating my omelette, I would take the remaining egg whites in the shell, pour it into a small container and whisk it. (you might use a spoon, a fork or whatever to whisk it). Apply to your face and neck(optional) in an upwards vertical motion. Leave it on and let it dry for -say- 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Let your face air dry or pat with a clean towel. You will immediately feel your pores tighten!
For utmost results, add a spoonful of lemon juice to the egg white while you whisk it. 

Oooh the wonders of eggs...Egg white tightens the pores of our  skin and remove dead skin cells. You will see the instant glow on your skin after you rinse it! Do this frequently for a few years and see the difference :-)
Egg whites also removes oils from pores. My acne people know what I am talking about ;-) Oil clogs your pores and causees that horrible looking acne. Well at least now you know how to reduce the clogging and hopefully make it disappear forever and a day!
Lemon juice is just awesome! It tones the skin and removes black heads.

Well there you go! An omelette and a free face mask! Cant get cheaper than that.

Drop me a comment if you are going to try this, have already tried it or have some not-so-known economical beauty tips for us thrifty folks!

Cheers! Here's to muting the Tv and Radio when those ads come up!
Check out my next blog on how to browse without those annoying pop ups and ads on webpages. 

Peace, Love and Nappyness

4/5/2013 12:13:23 am

Nice tip there. Now I know just what to do with the egg lying around in my fridge.
Looking forward to something on tending natural hair... hopefully.

4/5/2013 12:16:59 am

Thanks Stick! Well good for you and your eggs!


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